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Tours in Florence

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Your tour guide in Florence make various city tours, walking tours or with vehicle from 2 to 6 hours long

  • Classical  walking city tour in Florence
  • Medici city our
  • Legends of Florence
  • Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo city tour (in the memory of the great artists)
  • Custom tailored city tour (the sites and churches on your request)
  • Simple city tour for children with the stop in the best Florentine ice cream shop

All tours usually include:

  • The Cathedral square: The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, il Duomo, with Brunelleschi’s dome,the Baptistery and the Gates of Paradise, Giotto’ bell tower.
  • The medieval district, towers, home of Dante Alighieri, auther of the Divine Comedy, church of San Martino, the Chestnut tower.
  • Piazza della Signoria, the Old Palace – the Town Hall, Loggia dei Lanzi. Area and Loggia are decorated with many ancient statues of marble and bronze, the famous Perseus of Cellini, the Rape of the Sabines of Gianbologna, as well a s roman statues and the marble copy of David.
  • “The tower in the tower” – Orsanmichele Church (inside and outside), on all sides adorned with niches inside of which there are statues of patrons of the handicraft corporations and inside there is a marble “lacy” tabernacle.
  • The Uffizi Gallery (during the city tour inspection only on the outside) and porticos with the statues of the famous Tuscans.
  • Bargello Palace and Piazza San Firenze, with its variety of architectural styles.
  • Piazza della Repubblica, the cultural salon of the XIX century. New Market with it’s famous mascot of the city - bronze wild boar.
  • The embankment of the Arno river and the Old Bridge with the jewellery shops on it.
  • Palace of Strozzi, the Fiorentine bankers of the Renaissance period
  • and depending on the rout start and end and, duration of the tour and the client’s wishes your EXCURSION in Florence may include:
  • Pitti Palace, the residence of the Medici dukes, Lorrain dukes and King of Italy.
  • Davanzati palace, a former private home of the XIV century, is now a museum of the Florentine life (inside)
  • Piazza San Lorenzo, Santa Croce area, the area of Santa Maria Novella, the Medici Riccardi Palace, Oltrarno area (the left bank) etc.
  • We can include in the city tour the visits INSIDE the churches and basilicas, each of which is a small museum, for example:
  • The Basilica of Santa Croce, the pantheon of Italian Glory, where the great Italian sculptor, painter and architect Michelangelo Buonarroti and other celebrities are buried. This church preserves unique frescoes by Giotto, who was first to show depth of the painting on the flat surface of the Bardi and Peruzzi chapels walls.
  • The Basilica o f Santa Maria Novella – former Domenican monastry, the first Gothic Church in Florence with the ancient frescoes and the mural paintings of Ghirlandaio, who opened to the world the “New Art”, depicting in the church the real citizens, bankers and merchants of the XV Florence together with the saints
  • Baptistery. With the unique gold mosaics on the inner surface of the dome, made in the 13th century, depicting the history of the Old and New Testament and the life of John the Baptist.
  • Monastery and Basilica of San Miniato al Monte with beautiful marble facade of the 13th century in the Romanesque style, mosaics and ancient frescoes (the Church is located on the hill of the left bank, so you need a car or a taxi.)
  • Church of Santo Spirito in the Oltrarno, built by the architect of the Renaissance Filippo Brunelleschi.
  • Palazzo Medici Riccardi with it's frescoes in the Magi Chapel of Benozzo Gozzoli San Marco Church with the Early Renaissance paintings by Beato Angelico
  • The Basilica of San Lorenzo the home church of the Medici Dinasty.
  • The Church of Santa Trinità with the unique frescoes in the Sasseti chapel.
  • The Church of San Martino, where the brothers of the Relief Society helped victims of the civil strife that ruined families in the middle ages.
  • Church Ognisanti (All Saints), Family chapel of Vespucci, a fresco of the Last Supper in the inner yard and the tomb of Sandro Botticelli.

In most of the churches there are the entrance tickets of 3-6 euro each.The entrance to the Duomo is free.

  • Price for 2,5 hours city tour is 120 euro (entrance tickets are non included)
  • Price for 3 hours city tour is 140 euro (entrance tickets are non included)
  • Price for 4 hours city tour is 180 euro (entrance tickets are non included)
  • Also, in addition to a sightseeing tour your can visit museums of Florence.

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